Araruama House


This sophisticated home is located in Porto Alegre, South Brazil. In this house the material is used in a remarkable manner throughout the upper volume and, as such, the large concrete box appears to be floating atop a glass volume. The living room is fully integrated and continuous with the veranda and the garden.

The structure of the house incorporates large spans which accentuate the idea of a floating box, besides propitiating a totally free and continuous space. The use of exposed concrete, timber and glass refers to contemporary and warm Brazilian architecture, as in a dialogue with nature.

Site area: 804 sqm
Area: 394 sqm
Total area: 605 sqm
Project Team: Leonardo Mader, Luiza Nunes, Thomás Seibt, Luiza Moron and Leandro Michelena
Structural engineer: Stumm Projeto Estrutural Lighting designer: Eduardo Becker
Plumbing engineer: Asolon Engenharia
Electrical engineer: Proinst Projetos Elétricos
HVAC: Engemestra Engenharia