Araucarias House


This project terrain is located in a gated community and features striking views for the surrounding hills and escarpments. This terrains also has two Araucárias, an evergreen conifer, similar to the monkey puzzle, that name this house.

The hardest design challenge faced during the design of the Araucarias House was to fit the client brief and needs to the sloping and angled terrain. These clients desire was to build a minimalist but extremely comfortable and warm house. 

Mader Architects approach to this briefing was to locate the house main volume at the back and lateral portions of the terrain, thus featuring the best solar orientation, allowing the volume to surround the garden while opening to the main vistas.

Site area: 1,816 sqm
Area: 1,256 sqm
Project year: 2016
Project Team: Leonardo Mader, Thomás Seibt, Luiza Nunes, Anderson Dall’Alba, Cayetano De la Torre and Leandro Michelena