Aristeu Pires Showroom


Ariteu Pires is recognized as one of the most influential designers in Brazil. His signed furniture can be seen in specialized stores in Brazil and is featured in residential and corporative projects by the most influential architectural practices. In this scenario, Mader is invited to design the brand showroom in Canela – South Brazil nearby the designer’s production factory.

The challenge for this project was to create an inviting and elegant space to translate the contemporary Brazilian architecture and fine design values as simplicity and sophistication. The existing building was not suitable for this brief, so the redesign had to deal with it.

Mader architects approach to this briefing was to design pure and straight lines in exposed concrete amongst the natural environment. Large storefront windows flood the space with natural light as they exhibit the brand design pieces to the outside. The exposed concrete pillars frame the view while creating an interesting rhythm that contrasts with the vernacular style found in this region.

Site area: 618 sqm
Showroom area: 260 sqm
Construction: 2015
Project Team: Leonardo Mader, Thomás Seibt, Luiza Nunes and Leandro Michelena
Contractor: Paulo Fonseca