Canoas Urban Furniture


Project winner of a national competition in 2009 and showcased at the 9ª Internacional Architecture Biennial. Mader designed the new urban furniture in concrete, steel and ecological autoclaved pine reforestation timber, and by the use of native vegetation reaffirms the cultural identity of the population. The design features also LED lighting. The furniture´s range consists of concrete benches and flowerbeds, newsstands, flower stands, phone booths, bollards, bike racks, information displays, drinking fountains, recycle bin set, lighting posts and new stands for the book market-place of the city.

Built area: 8.150 m²
Value: R$ 5,4 million
Concept design: 2009
Begin construction: 2015
Client: City of Canoas
Project team: Leonardo Mader, Fernanda Kionka Mader, Eduardo Almeida, Carla Pellin, Viviane Iserhard, Enrique Sousa, Fernando Guerra, Giovani Santetti, Maximiliano Beck, Fani Eichelberger, Giovana Becker, Gabriel Johansson, Gabriel Giambastiani, Luis Augusto Bonilla and Rafael Lima.
Cost Management and Technical consultancy: Michelon Engenharia + Arquitetura
Structural engineer: Carpeggiani Projetos Estruturais
Engineering services: Projeconsult Engenharia
Landscape consultancy: Kionka Serviços Ambientais