Casemiro 100


Mader design an innovative residence building. Development of the concept design of a multi-storey dwelling in located in Porto Alegre, South Brazil. Composed of a series of simple and duplex apartments, the project plays with the geometries and texture on the façades.

Inspired on contemporary Brazilian houses, the project makes use of large and recessed windows, well lit spaces and ventilated as well as natural materials. The green wall is marked next to the entrance. Large wood planes, large windows and polished marble compose the façades.

“contemporary architecture,
the flat feels more like a house”

Concept design: 2012
Beginning construction: 2012
End construction: 2015

Built area: 920 m²
Team: Leonardo Mader, Ricardo Magrisso, Eduardo Almeida and Juliano Rodrigues.
Structural design: Solon Menda Magrisso Estruturas Otimizadas
Lighting design: Atelier de Iluminação