Loft Unique


This building sets a new standard in residential property development in Porto Alegre. Through pure and minimalistic lines, the volume grants each unit a private garden. A wide internal space that spans 9,5 meters (32 feet) free from any pillars allows the space to be fully integrated or subdivided. The 93 square meters lofts and the luxurious duplex apartments featuring 133 square meters double height receive generous natural lighting. 

Common areas and apartments have high standard finishes. The access hall floor and ceiling are inspired by the art of Mondrian. This ambient features also a local artist sculpture that adds value to the building as well as to the street. 

Area: 1,500 sqm
Year: 2014
Project Team: Leonardo Mader, Luiza Albertini, Paula Motta, Marília Drummond, Níkola Merazzi
Structural engineer: Carpeggiani Projetos Estruturais
Lighting designer: Atelier de Iluminação
Plumbing engineer: Asolon Engenharia
Electrical engineer: Proinst Projetos Elétricos