Montenegro House


This house clients, a young couple, hired Mader with the expectation of building a minimalist white house with straight and pure lines. The terrain is located in front a square, stepping up from the street.

This project most difficult part was to optimize the built volume in a sloping terrain, as well as to orient the different areas to their best solar gain maintaining relation to the square view.

Our approach for this question was to raise the main garden and pool at the center of the terrain, locating the main living area in the frontal and lateral areas of the terrain. This allowed the garden to feature a great view through the social area. The living room and the external lounge function as a filter from the street level for the private areas of the house. The master bedroom and the two en-suite bedrooms are located in the superior pavement so they feature the best solar orientation as well as the view for the pool.

Site area: 772 sqm
Area: 790 sqm
Status: under construction
Project Team: Leonardo Mader, Luiza Nunes and Leandro Michelena
Structural engineer: Padoin & Sachs Engenharia
Lighting designer: Eduardo Becker
Plumbing engineer: Asolon Engenharia
Electrical engineer: Proinst Projetos Elétricos
HVAC: Engemestra Engenharia