Tamarineira Park


National architectural competition for a new park in Northeast Brazil. The project essentially transforms a huge garden of a hospital in a public space full of life for the population of city. All the historic buildings are kept and revitalized as well as the native vegetation. It creates new living space that provides the interactivity of human relationships and grants leisure and socio-cultural experience to the citizens. A new pediatric hospital is proposed as well as the Museum of the Representations of the Unconscious. The access to the main axis of Ulysses Pernambuco Hospital is reformulated with a new paving, urban furniture and artwork. A small commercial area to support the park activities is created hosting cafes, restaurants and bookshops.

Concept design: 2011
Built area: 10,000 sqm
Park area: 55,000 sqm
Client: City of Recife
Project team: Leonardo Mader, Eduardo Almeida, Luis Augusto Bonilla and Fani Eichelberger